Video: Photographing and Filming Bait Balls in Magdalena Bay with SeaLegacy in The Voyage

April 9, 2023 Other, Videos

An underwater sarding bait ball spectacle in Mexico is the focus of a new video from Sony. In The Voyage — a series from Sony, filmmakers capture the work of Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier, and in this video, Andy Mann, as they use their cameras to capture important conservation stories.

From Sony:

“In this episode of SeaLegacy | The Voyage, Sony Artisan of Imagery Andy Mann sets out to film and photograph the sardine bait balls in Magdalena Bay. These bait balls play a critical role in marine ecosystems, and Mann says it’s important to look at the big picture to protect both coasts. ‘It’s a holistic view, so we’re trying to tell a holistic story.’ Join the Tide, a monthly recurring giving program, to help SeaLegacy amplify its conservation impact on the front lines and from onboard the Expedition Vessel SeaLegacy1:

To check out more from Sony, please click here.

And to check out more from SeaLegacy, please click here.

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