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Video: How to Shoot a National Geographic Expedition

September 1, 2023 Climbing, Videos
video cover image of Jimmy Chin

Video: Getting the Shot with Jimmy Chin

August 28, 2023 Climbing, Mountaineering, Profiles, Videos

In a video from AlterEgo, Jimmy Chin is profiled. He breaks down what it...

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video cover image of an ice climber

Video: Photography Expedition Beneath the Ice of Greenland

July 16, 2023 Climbing, Videos

A video from Red Bull follows Christian Pondella on a photographic expedition in Greenland...

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video cover image of a climber hanging from a ledge

Video: Photographing a National Geographic Expedition in Guyana

July 8, 2023 Climbing, Videos

In the process of making the National Geographic film The Last Tapui, Renan Ozturk and...

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video cover image of Chris Burkard and a man climbing

Video: Wide Angle Landscapes in Mallorca with Chris Burkard

July 5, 2023 Climbing, Gear, Landscape/Nature, Videos

For many years now, Sony has been putting forth great adventure and outdoor photography...

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photo of the cover of the Jimmy Chin There and Back book

Book Review: There and Back — Photographs from the Edge from Jimmy Chin

December 5, 2022 Climbing, Mountaineering, Reviews

When one thinks about photographer Jimmy Chin, that person might envision Chin hanging off...

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video cover image of a man climbing a cliff

Video: Behind the Scenes of The Last Honey Hunter

September 2, 2022 Climbing, Videos

A number of years ago, Ranan Ozturk, Mark Synott, Ben Knight, and others came...

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video cover image of the video showing a photographer taking a photo on a cliff

Video: Climbing and Mountain Photography with Jimmy Chin

January 22, 2022 Climbing, Profiles, Videos

From hanging off the walls of cliffs in Yosemite Valley to his mountaineering photography,...

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