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Video: Exploring the Arctic with Andy Mann

April 5, 2024 Gear, Landscape/Nature, Videos, Wildlife
video cover image of Andy Mann taking a photograph
video cover image of a man in the snow looking at a lake

Video: Photographing Iceland’s Most Remote Landscape

October 16, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Videos

Iceland’s abundance of water and scenic mountains make this country an ideal location for...

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video cover image of a landscape with the Northern Lights in Iceland

Video: Taking on the Aurora and Ice Caves in Iceland with Chris Burkard & Ted Hesser

September 22, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Videos

In a video from Sony, Chris Burkard and Ted Hesser explore the beauty of...

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video cover image of the Milky Way

Video: How to Photograph the Milky Way

August 3, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Tips, Videos

For travel photographers, photographing the Milky Way is a great way to capture some...

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a video cover image of Giulia Gartner taking a photo

Video: A Look at the Perspective of Giulia Gartner in Eye of the Storm

July 15, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Profiles, Videos

Photography can take us to extraordinary places, both physically and mentally. In a video...

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video cover image of a man taking a photograph

Video: Landscape Photographer Mike Mezeul II Heads into the Field with the Nikon Z 8

July 7, 2023 Cameras, Gear, Landscape/Nature, Videos

From Nikon: “The new Nikon Z 8 hybrid, mirrorless camera allows photographers and videographers...

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video cover image of a camera, boots, jacket

Video: What’s In My Bag for a Landscape Photography Trip

July 6, 2023 Gear, Landscape/Nature, Videos

From Andy Mumford: “A look at what I pack in my bag when I...

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video cover image of Chris Burkard and a man climbing

Video: Wide Angle Landscapes in Mallorca with Chris Burkard

July 5, 2023 Climbing, Gear, Landscape/Nature, Videos

For many years now, Sony has been putting forth great adventure and outdoor photography...

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video cover image showing Ansel Adams image of the Snake River and Grand Tetons

Video: Photographer Ansel Adams and His Legacy

July 2, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Videos

The work and legacy of Ansel Adams were the focus of a segment this...

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video cover image of a snowy landscape

Video: Zealandia: A Timelapse Odyssey by Drew Geraci

March 17, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Videos

In a video from Sony, Drew Geraci captures an impressive timelapse in remote New...

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