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video cover image of James Balog taking a photograph in a snowy environment

Video: Photographing Climate Change with James Balog

April 22, 2024 Other, Videos

The photography of James Balog is the subject of a new feature from CBS...

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video cover image of Andy Mann taking a photograph

Video: Exploring the Arctic with Andy Mann

April 5, 2024 Gear, Landscape/Nature, Videos, Wildlife

Photographer and filmmaker Andy Mann uses his work to help protect wildlife and wild...

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black and white video cover image of a whale underwater

Video: Photographing and Filming Sperm Whales with Paul Nicklen | Behind the Shot Ep. 3

March 29, 2024 Other, Videos

In a new video from Sony, Paul Nicklen captures incredible footage of whales underwater....

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video cover image of a photographer with a camera on a tripod

Video: Beyond the Gear with Canon Explorer of Light Charles Glatzer: Ep. 1 – Alaska

January 1, 2024 Videos, Wildlife

From Canon: “Follow along as Canon Explorer of Light Charles Glatzer travels to Alaska...

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video cover image showing a kayaker from above

Video: How to Become a Successful Travel and Adventure Photographer

December 3, 2023 Other, Videos

In a video from B&H, photographer Lucas Gilman breaks down what it takes to...

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video cover image showing a photographer taking a picture and a giraffe

Video: A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Photographer | In the Field with Donal Boyd

November 13, 2023 Videos, Wildlife

From Adorama: “What does a normal day out on safari in Africa look like...

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video cover image of Renan Ozturk standing in cold water with a camera in underwater housing

Video: Polar Passage Arctic Adventure: Field Notes with Renan Ozturk

October 22, 2023 Other, Videos

From Sony: “Go behind the scenes with Sony Artisan Renan Ozturk and writer Mark...

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video cover image of a man in the snow looking at a lake

Video: Photographing Iceland’s Most Remote Landscape

October 16, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Videos

Iceland’s abundance of water and scenic mountains make this country an ideal location for...

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video cover image of. bison walking in snow

Film: Winter Wildlife Photography

October 1, 2023 Videos, Wildlife

A film short from National Geographic follows wildlife photographer Michel d’Oultremont in his pursuit...

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