Video: Landscape Photographer Mike Mezeul II Heads into the Field with the Nikon Z 8

The new Nikon Z 8 is already generating quite a buzz, and in a video from Nikon, landscape photographer Mike Mezeul II heads into the wilderness to show what the camera is capable of.

From Nikon:

“The new Nikon Z 8 hybrid, mirrorless camera allows photographers and videographers to capture high quality stills and videos, even in extreme conditions. Landscape and extreme weather photographer & videographer Mike Mezeul II loves this camera’s versatility, compactness, and ability to create in limitless locations.

For his job, he needs a camera that’s reliable in all elements of nature. The pro build and weather-sealing of the mirrorless Z 8 means he can keep capturing, even in severe conditions. With a lightweight body, Mike Mezueul II easily packs and carries the Z 8 and NIKKOR Z lenses he needs on hikes and long shoots.

The incredible features and functionalities for night photography, including illuminated buttons, warm tone illumination, and starlight view, allow Mike to capture perfect compositions in pitch black.

See how the Nikon Z 8 delivers what landscape, nature, astrophotography, extreme weather photography and filmmakers need to document the scenery:

To check out more from Nikon, please click here.

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