Video: How to Shoot a National Geographic Expedition

September 1, 2023 Climbing, Videos

The Last Tepui is a phenomenal film from Expedition Studios and National Geographic. In the film, climbers and filmmakers venture into the Guyana jungle to explore an untouched ecosystem. In this video from Adorama, photographer and filmmaker Taylor Rees breaks down the shoot.

From Adorama:

“This is the installment of a new series with Expedition Studios, director Taylor Rees takes us through what it’s like to get the call to shoot one of the most remote and challenging Nat Geo expeditions for the Disney+ show ‘The Last Tepui’ and how she utilized the Sony suite of cameras to pull it off.

CREATIVE LAUNCHPAD – an Adorama series by Expedition Studios Candid technical conversations with Adormara ambassadors, Sony Artisans, and Nat Geo directors Renan Ozturk and Taylor Rees. We will cover new gear and relevant discoveries for not only run and gun expedition shooting but also higher-end commercial production. New product releases, tips, tricks, and a window into the Expedition world of photography and filmmaking in which we CreateNoMatterWhat in extreme environments with world-class athletes and top brands. We live in such an exciting time for technology and hope our insights help our collective creative community thrive!”

To check out more from Adorama, please click here.

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