Video: In the Field with Gonzalo Manera in Portugal with the AJNA 37L DuraDiamond®

In a video from f-stop, Gonzalo Manera breaks down a favorite pack for shoots as well as some of his packing considerations.

From f-stop:

“Gonzalo Manera has inspired 20 years of photography and work with magazines and brands from all over the world. We joined Gonzalo in Portugal, where he shared with us his biggest tips and tricks for packing the 37l Ajna that goes everywhere with him.

Here are three things that Gonzalo considers when packing for his shoots: 1. ) Check and clean the gear – I charge all batteries and check memory cards to ensure they have enough space. I clean all lenses, camera sensors, and other equipment to remove dust, dirt, and smudges. This will help avoid any technical problems that could interfere with the session.

2. ) Pack efficiently – I make a list of the essential gear, such as cameras, lenses, flashes, and tripods, and pack them securely in my Ajna or Tilopa, depending on how much stuff I carry. Any additional items, such as extra batteries, memory cards, and filters are packed in separate pouches for easy access.

3. ) Plan ahead – I always research the location and the weather conditions to determine the best equipment to bring with me. If I am shooting outdoors, I make sure to pack gear that will protect my camera from the elements. I also bring backup equipment or an emergency kit with essentials like a small first aid kit and a head torch for those unexpected situations.
The Kit Gonzalo uses is the Ajna DuraDiamond 37 L in Cypress green along with the small Accessory pouch, Gatekeepers and the Small Pro Camera Insert”

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