Sony Electronics Announces New High-Performance M Series CFexpress Type A Memory Cards

June 1, 2023 Accessories, Gear, News
Sony Electronics Announces New High-Performance M Series CFexpress Type A Memory Cards CEA-M1920T and CEA-M960T

The compact Sony CFexpress Type A cards have now gone next level. Great news from Sony today …

From Sony:

SAN DIEGO, June 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Sony announced two new CEA-M Series CFexpress Type A memory cards, CEA-M1920T and CEA-M960T, that conform to the CFexpress 2.0 and VPG200 and offer high 1920 GB and 960 GB capacities. In addition to a VPG200 rating that guarantees fast and stable video recording without dropped frames, they are resistant to bending and drop impact and feature a dust and moisture sealing that ensures maximum reliability in any environment. These compact, high-performance memory cards are ideal for professional users who need high capacities and stress-free, reliable operation.

CEA-M1920T and CEA-M960T reliably shoot longeri on location and have some of the highest available capacities in CFexpress Type A memory cards that comply to VPG standard anywhere in the worldii, so running out of media space is not a concern. The memory cards provide plenty of capacity for extended recording video or when shooting stillsiii. For video shooters, the VPG200 Video Performance Guarantee rating enables stable recording at 200 MB/s with no dropped frames for an extended period, even when recording XAVC S-I 4K footage and high bitrates.

Despite their large capacities, these CFexpress Type A memory cards are very compact, about half the size of Type B cards, and even shorter and narrower than SD cards. An original alloy with superior heat transmission characteristics is used to conduct heat out of the cards and maintain optimum performance. This results in long-term stability and reliable operation when internally recording the large volume of data required for 4K 120p video. What’s more, the CEA-M1920T and CEA-M960T offer the same outstanding toughness of dust and moisture resistance, plus resistance to water, bending and drop impact as Sony’s acclaimed CEA-G series CFexpress Type A memory cards, so important data is protected.

Sony’s free desktop applications support protecting important data in the CFexpress Type A cards: Media Scan Utility diagnoses the state of the flash memory in memory cards, and Memory Card File Rescue recover accidentally deleted image data on memory cardsiv v. RAW images and 4K movie data are supported.

The new CEA-M1920T and CEA-M960T will be available in June 2023 at a variety of Sony’s authorized dealers, for an estimated retail price of $1400 USD and $760 USD, respectively.

For detailed product information, please visit:

About Sony Corporation

Sony Electronics is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America and an affiliate of Sony Group Corporation, one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world, with a portfolio that encompasses electronics, music, motion pictures, mobile, gaming, robotics and financial services. Headquartered in San Diego, California, Sony Electronics is a leader in electronics for the consumer and professional markets. Operations include research and development, engineering, sales, marketing, distribution and customer service. Sony Electronics creates products that innovate and inspire generations, such as the award-winning Alpha Interchangeable Lens Cameras and revolutionary high-resolution audio products. Sony is also a leading manufacturer of end-to-end solutions from 4K professional broadcast and A/V equipment to industry leading 4K and 8K Ultra HD TVs. Visit for more information.   

i Depends on shooting settings
ii As of 1stJune, 2023 product announcement.
iii The number of RAW still images recordable during high-speed bursts is lower, and buffer clearing times are longer than Sony’s CFexpress Type A CEA-G series memory cards. Details at
iv Separately sold MRW-G2 card reader is required for CFexpress Type A card diagnosis (diagnosis is not possible with readers from other manufacturers or a direct camera connection).
v File Rescue downloadable software available at official website. Does not support data recovery for Content Protected and Game Data files. Not all data may be recoverable.

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