Video: Flying Over Mount Everest with the DJI Mavic 3

If there’s any question about the conditions and heights that a DJI Mavic 3 drone can handle, much of that can now go out the window as a new video from DJI shows the Mavic 3 filming at Mount Everest.

From DJI:

“This is Mount Everest. The highest point on Earth. A place where describing the weather as ‘harsh’ is an understatement. Together with @8kraw_official, we developed a detailed flight plan that would allow their videographers to take the ultimate drone flight from the summit – capturing the stunning beauty of the mountain, and the surrounding views, as they’ve not been captured before. In collaboration with: @8krawfilms984: LingChen, YuanZong Wang, Yan Xie, YouYuan Lu, SUMAN, Qian Ma, ROCKER”

To check out more from DJI, please click here.

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