Book Review: Wayward — Stories and Photographs from Chris Burkard

Photographer Chris Burkard is a talent like no other. Originally getting started with surf photography, the Central Coast Californian, has inspired many with his photos that capture the essence of adventure travel. With subjects often well-placed in vast landscapes all over the world, Burkard often captures small subjects in vast landscapes as they pursue their passions whether it be surfing, kayaking, hiking, and more.

Burkard’s 2017 film Under an Arctic Sky followed him and his team as they braved storms, tough conditions, and frigid temperatures to get the shot — a surfer getting a wave with snowy mountains in the background and the Northern Lights above. In many ways, this film gets to the heart of how Burkard approaches his work. And in his book Wayward, Burkard offers a collection of photographs from trips throughout the world and stories to accompany the photos.

While Burkard has published several books, Wayward seems to be an all-encompassing book that covers his career from California in 2006 to Iceland in 2016. Each destination and period is given a chapter in the book, and among places pictured, Burkard includes Iceland, Chile, Russia, Norway, Japan, and more.

Wayward is a valuable contribution that should be on the bookshelves and coffee tables of all those who love exploring their passions and distant places. For those who are fans of Chris Burkard’s work and are interested in adventure travel in general, this is a must-have.

Wayward is 320 pages and currently offered in a hardcover.

To learn more about Wayward from Chris Burkard, please click here.

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