Video: Black Diamond Presents: Behind the Lens with Chris Burkard

February 26, 2023 Landscape/Nature, Videos

Few photographers have captured the beauty of Iceland in recent years like Chris Burkard. In a video from Black Diamond, Burkard is profiled as he heads to remote Iceland to capture hikers in this picturesque landscape.

From Black Diamond:

“As an adventurer and athlete, it’s clear that BD Ambassador Chris Burkard can hike, bike, run, and climb to a vantage point that offers a unique perspective. But there’s also something that happens between the moment he spies the line and the second his shutter clicks.

On a recent assignment for Black Diamond, Chris took his camera on a trek through the braided rivers and mountains of Iceland—his indelible muse for photography. He returned with a suite of images that leave the viewer with the insatiable need to get out and go for a hike.

It was on this trip that we set out to capture those fleeting moments before Chris lifts his lens and presses the shutter. In this film, we set out to discover how the magic happens on a Chris Burkard photo shoot.

Video: Ted Hesser”

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