AQUATECH Announces EDGE MAX Water Housing for Canon R3 and Nikon Z9

August 17, 2023 Accessories, Gear, News

Today AQUATECH announced the EDGE MAX — an underwater housing for the Canon R5 and Nikon Z9 cameras.

“Built and designed for those who demand reliability, durability and flexibility when working in the most demanding environments on earth. The EDGE Max for the Canon R3 [and Nikon Z9 borrow] design aspects from the popular EDGE Water Housing while featuring the latest advancements in creative camera controls and ergonomics.

The EDGE Max features the new X-Handle, X-Grip, updated backplate camera controls, improved zoom control, plus a new robust die-cast aluminum camera mount. Designed and built to cater to the demands of industry-leading professionals and enthusiasts alike the EDGE Max water housing will allow you to take your camera, anywhere.”

Of course, Sony users are likely eagerly anticipating the hopeful news of a version for the Sony A1 or another camera. We’ll see if that comes. If you’re a Canon or Nikon shooter, this ought to be some exciting news.

To learn more about the EDGE MAX from AQUATECH, please click here.

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